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Why You Will Choose Silvrback

When my wife and I acquired Silvrback in 2015… Ok, when I did, and my wife wondered why but went along anyhow…, I felt like I had gotten my hands on “my precious”. Not in an economic sense, but in the sense of a valuable idea. (Read this article)

Top 5 Free Stock Image Sites You Never Heard Of

Getting tired of dropping the same ‘ole stock images into your awesome blog posts? So were we! Thankfully, there are beautiful sites loaded with gorgeous imagery just waiting to be found and used. And if you’re not including a couple of images in your posts now, step up your game with these great sourcing options. There are many more options than we could ever cover in one article, but this time around we’re going to hit up our top 5 free stock image sites. (Read this article)

7 Good Reasons to Have a Blog

Writing is a way to have a significant and lasting impact on our world. In this article, I want to talk about why a blog is an excellent way to communicate our ideas, what we know, our skills, and our ability to think in a disciplined and logical manner. By the time you finish the list, you should find at least one good reason for you to have a blog. (Read this article)

Choosing a Blog Platform

Choosing a blog platform for yourself is much like choosing a new car. There are many from which to choose, most with similar features and options, and virtually all will take you from point A to B. So, on the one hand, it seems that nearly any blog platform decision would not be a BAD decision. That does not make it a good one, however, for you. Let’s focus on three things here. (Read this article)

Writing Effective Blogs

Once you have selected your writing platform, you’re ready to turn to writing. Potent writing is both craft and science. We know there is a technically correct way to right – correct spelling, proper grammar, good sentence structure, and such – but we also suspect there is more to it than that. I recall a professor of mine from many years ago who had this knack for turning the mun (Read this article)

How to Create New Blog Topics

When you are trying to choose a niche for blogging, or you have chosen a niche but you need to come up with ideas for blog posts, then developing an idea generation technique will prove useful for long term writing. Brainstorming is a great way to come up with topics in a short period of time. We all have a different way of learning and as such, our brains think differently. (Read this article)

Finding Readers for Your Blog

Most of us who write do so because we think we have something to say. If we write a blog, we do so with the idea that we want someone to read what we think, even react to what we think. Early on, then, we’re looking for ways to let people know we exist and that we have posted something for them to see. Usually, we let our friends, family and acquaintances know we’ve put stuff out there (Read this article)

Developing a Brand for Your Blog

Investment. In the section on how to find a readership, I stated that developing relationships in your content area, specifically when it comes to building backlinks, was about investing time and energy into others with the confidence that it will come back to you. If developing a loyal readership requires this, then the idea of a brand requires even more patience and persistence – and (Read this article)

Silvrback: A Blogging Platform for Programmers

When Silvrback was launched in late 2013, Damien Sowers wanted to fill what he perceived to be a gap in the blog world, particularly between options such as Ghost or Wordpress on the one hand and Medium on the other. It in many ways was a blogging platform for programmers and web developers. The 2012-2014 period was a sort of ‘rebirth’ for blogging and a number of new options came to life during this period. (Read this article)

Blogging Platforms that Accept Bitcoin

There are very few blogging platforms that accept Bitcoin as payment for services. In my research, I found that Word Press and Silvrback do. If you want more of a blog that accepts money, then site builders like Wix, Squarespace, and WP allowing you to do so. (Read this article)

A Blogging Platform for Data Scientists

I provided a bit of the backstory for Silvrback in the companion article on programmers , so I won’t rerun that here. Silvrback is a great blogging platform for data scientists and data analysts (Read this article)

Female Programmers: Making a Difference Differently

In the past year, there has been a lot of discussion about the lack of female programmers working in Silicon Valley (and most everywhere). There is almost a panic in some quarters about this ‘problem’. A similar discussion is taking place in nearly every STEM area or discipline. (Read this article)