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7 Good Reasons to Have a Blog

Writing is a way to have a significant and lasting impact on our world. In this article, I want to talk about why a blog is an excellent way to communicate our ideas, what we know, our skills, and our ability to think in a disciplined and logical manner. By the time you finish the list, you should find at least one good reason for you to have a blog.

A blog might be contrasted with social media, a medium more conducive to bursts of thought, often random, rather than reflective, disciplined thought. On social media, our thoughts can quickly get thrown out there for public consumption, and just as quickly get lost in the feed under a constant stream of such bursts. Think of Twitter or Facebook. They’re blogs of sorts, though bringing a whole new definition of the micro in microblogging….

7 Good Reasons to Have a Blog

I jotted down a list of around fifteen reasons or benefits that come from writing a blog. I trimmed that list down to seven. Let’s take a look at these.

1) Express Ourselves

A blog is our space. It’s our space to collect our thoughts on an issue and lay it out in black and white for us to review, refine and reflect upon.

There’s something about seeing our thoughts in print that gives them more substance. When they’re written, our words seem more significant than when we throw them out verbally.

It takes effort, concentration, focus, much more than is the case when we speak. And long after the spoken words fade, the written word remains to be revisited and reflected upon.

Expressing ourselves in our own diary or journal, which a blog can be, is also therapeutic in that we are able to lay out what we perceive is on our minds, our feelings about these things, and try to specify their meaning. It’s a way to ‘get it out’ and perhaps examine it, as opposed to holding it in and stewing on it in a sort of never ending mental loop or rehash.

2) Develop the Discipline of Systematic Thought

Many us have an undisciplined mind. We allow it to wander, consider things in a half-baked manner, and flit off to the next thing as if it is a small child in a toy store. Our minds are our greatest asset, yet we invest little effort in training it.

Few people can critically analyze something well, if at all. We have not developed the skill to do so. We have not practiced making our thoughts crisper and our reasonings logical and insightful.

It takes practice. Writing, and the practice of writing, helps sharpen the intellect to do more difficult work. A blog is the portfolio of our progression, or the lack thereof. It is exercise for the mind.

3) Learn the Discipline of Writing Regularly

Unlike the previous point which was on the value of a blog in developing our thinking processes, this point is about the development of the habit of writing regularly. Writing is work and we’re often not motivated to do this work.

A blog reveals our discipline and our lack of it. The posting dates tell the story of our habits.

Like our thinking, many of us know we lack good habits with which to get more done in life. The discipline of thinking well and writing well, takes practice over an extended period of time. A blog can be good for this.

4) Record Our Legacy

As we go through life, we realize at some point that not only is it passing quickly, but we also begin to be concerned about what we will leave to others – our children or grandchildren, or the world.

After all, most of us believe our lives have meaning and purpose, but that does not mean that anyone will necessarily know what it is – at least as told from our point of view. We can often look back over our lives and recall key events, moments of insight, transition events, which helped shape us into the person we are. But this growth, this progression risks remaining with us, unless we set out to record it.

A legacy is leaving behind something of value to others. That legacy is interpreted by each person who had a meaningful encounter with you. But one of the more valuable gifts we can leave is our OWN view of what our life is or was about.

A blog becomes that record that can live on after we’re gone. It keeps speaking our wisdom, our stories, our interpretations of our lives and the events in them. It is OUR legacy – we need to be clear as to what we meant it to be.

5) Bolster Our Career Prospects

In recent years, a blog has become a way for professionals to project a higher profile which can further career advancement and open doors to opportunities.

A blog which demonstrates our knowledge, experience, and expertise can be another aspect of a professional’s portfolio. It can help the career minded distinguish themselves and demonstrate in concrete ways their capabilities.

These capabilities might be technical, such as a web developer or project leader. Or it might be a way to demonstrate thinking skills, maturity and effective communication.

A blog can be a game changer for those looking for ways to present themselves in a unique and professional manner. It is more than a passing interest that LinkedIn added blogs as a part of their offering.

6) Write a Book

A blog is a great way to develop the content that will eventually be the makings of a book. The value of a blog is in its ability to naturally lay out content in a sequential manner.

One advantage is that you get to draft work, edit, and get feedback from a potential audience, as the book is being written.

7) Make a Living

Blogging has long been a way for many writers to make money, and thus make a living. While that isn’t the reality for most bloggers, it is often the not-so- secret wish of many a blogger to become an online sensation and to be showered with piles of money in the process.

Well, it’s good to have dreams.


7 good reasons to have a blog. Maybe there are eight. What might be your reason for writing?

It is important to tap into your reason, your motivation for having a blog. It can be a powerful

motivator during those periods when you find it difficult to sit down in front of that blank screen and start pecking away at the keyboard.

Nearly anyone can benefit from the process and exercise good blogging demands. You have to be willing to take the plunge. Many good things will come from it if you will.

Something to think about – then write about.