Silvrback provides you plan options that work with your writing goals, short term or long.

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About Us


I’m Kermit. I operate Silvrback.

Look, I think Silvrback is one of the best blogging platforms in the minimalist space.

Silvrback derives its name from the male “silvrback” Gorilla, a creature recognized for its raw power and formidable presence in the animal world.

Founded in 2013, Silvrback sought to provide users with a potent, minimalist writing experience that was easy to use, well-supported, and distraction-free – all at a modest price. That remains our aim today – to be one of the best blogging platforms out there that is fully dedicated to blogging. With many platforms moving toward full CMS, Silvrback’s focus on written expression makes it an increasingly nonconformist blogging platform as well.

We value the craft of writing. It’s about the words, the images, and the effect they can have on the reader. Through this medium, the presentation of thoughts, feelings and ideas through words is central, and the writer is master of a word’s impact. We aspire to offer the best minimalist blogging platform available.

We also value a writer’s right to what they create. To that end, content is the author’s and we make it easy for our writers to take their content with them, as well as their subscriber lists. While we might wish our writers would never leave us, we make it relatively easy for them to do so. As one of the top minimalist blogging platforms in the market today, we’re confident writers will appreciate the experience of Silvrback.

So, who should write on Silvrback? Maybe you. If you are looking for a space to work out what’s inside of you, your voice, your message, I think you’re in the right place.

If you are a bit on the fringe, don’t quite fit in, perhaps a bit non-conformist, then you should feel right at home with us. It’s an attractive blogging platform for the nonconformists.

Programmers fit that bill, and we have many of them. In fact, technical writers of various strains will like the platform. We have writers wrestling with spiritual issues, or political and social themes, such as universal basic income, or stay at home fathers, travel writers… you get the picture. We’re a diverse crowd. Quite frankly, I think we’re the best nonconformist blogging platform for this crowd.

On the other hand, if you think you need access to every technical option possible, thousands of polished themes to choose from, and every thingamajig ever imagined for your blog, then Silvrback is not for you.

I believe that the best blogging platforms keep it simple. Start with us and just see if you can write, and do so over an extended period of time. You can certainly move on to such platforms if you need to, and take your Silvrback content with you.

Silvrback is an antidote to all the noise, busyness, and the overwhelming number of choices available today. We strive to keep it simple. So, instead of following the crowd toward more bling and glitz, we’ve become a nonconformist blogging platform.

Look, our team is small. To us, this project is not some corporate after thought – it’s personal.

I invite you to give Silvrback a trial run. 14 days on us. I would love to share your work with the world.

Happy Writing,